What is the timeline for each stretch/phase?


  • US 31 between US 30 and US 20
  • US 6 interchange
  • SR 4 interchange
  • Kern Road interchange
  • Fellows Street bridge over US 20 Bypass
  • Main Street under US 31
  • Jackson Road bridge over US 31

    Under Construction in 2014

    • Existing US 31 from US 30 to New US 31
    • Existing US 31 from Dice Street to US 20
    • 7th Road interchange

    How is this project going to affect me?

    Traffic patterns will be changed temporarily during construction and, in some cases, after construction is completed.

    Will noise walls be installed during construction?

    No. As design was nearing completion, consultants did a thorough noise study based on INDOT’s noise policy, which was updated in June 2011. While the study revealed a noise barrier would be feasible, it did not meet the minimum standards to be considered reasonable. For more details, click here. To review the study, click here.

    Why was this project needed?

    The Indiana General Assembly directed the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to study the transportation corridor between Indianapolis and South Bend. Currently, INDOT has opened US 31 through Howard, Marshall and St. Joseph counties, and is developing the section of the corridor in Hamilton County.

    Upgrading US 31 to freeway standards greatly improves the safety of the corridor – reducing the number of crashes and rear-end collisions caused through turning movements and increased traffic – especially between Lakeville and South Bend.

    Where are the interchanges? Which county roads will have over/underpasses?

    Interchanges are located at 7th Road, US 6, SR 4 and Kern Road. For details on how local roads intersect with the New US 31, click here: 2011bridges2.pdf

    What happens to the existing US 31?

    INDOT has been working with local municipalities to discuss relinquishing various portions of the former highway. Below is the current status of US 31:

    • Old US 31 is closed permanently between 7th Road and 3A Road in Marshall County.
    • Old US 31 is SR 931 in St. Joseph County and Lakeville.
    • In Marshall County and LaPaz, the roadway is Michigan Road.
    • US 31 is closed permanently between Hildebrand Street and US 20 in St. Joseph County.

    The portion of Old US 31 through St. Joseph County will become a local street once construction is complete at the end of the year.

    Can emergency responders appropriately and timely respond to all sections of the route?

    INDOT is working closely with local emergency responders to ensure a local access plan is in place to accommodate emergency vehicles.

    How much safer will this project make the route? Will fewer accidents occur?

    The accident rate for a freeway is lower than that for a non-freeway facility, such as the existing US 31 corridor. By diverting traffic onto the new US 31 freeway, there will be a decline in the number of crashes in the corridor.

    What accommodations have been made for bicyclists, pedestrians or mass transit alternatives?

    Bicyclists and pedestrians are prohibited from traveling on limited access roadways; however, shoulders on both sides of roads intersecting the freeway will be wide enough to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian access.

    How can people between Kern and Roosevelt get into the city?

    That depends on the destination and/or preferred route; going to the new Kern Road interchange and heading north is one option that should provide the quickest access to Ireland Road, but it is possible that motorists will choose to use the existing Kern Road connection between US 31 and Miami Road.

    What is the speed limit?

    The freeway - a limited access highway - has a posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour.

    What is the timeline for the entire stretch of US 31 from Indianapolis to South Bend?

    INDOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan includes projects 25 years in the future. The US 31 segment through Howard County opened in 2013. The section through Hamilton County will be completed before or by 2015. Other segments will be determined as the Long Range Plan is updated.

    Where can I find more information about the other project on US 31 between Indianapolis and South Bend?

    US 31 through Hamilton County is also under construction. For information about those projects, visit www.us31hamiltoncounty.in.gov.

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